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PLATO Learning Environment is used for remediation, acceleration, course credit, credit recovery, and grade replacement. This self-paced, interactive learning tool is computer-based and may be used anywhere and anytime internet connectivity is available.

Below are several resources which will help troubleshoot technical issues at home.

To read more about Plato, please see page 54 in the Program of Studies.

Learner Guide

Click here for the guide.

Topics Include:

  • Accessing PLATO Learning Environment
  • Assignments
  • Learner Assessment Report
  • Assessments

System & Configuration Requirements for Workstations

Are you having trouble with PLATO working on your home computer?

PLATO must run on Windows XP/ Vista or newer with Internet Explorer 7 higher or Macintosh OS X with Safari 3.2.x (Notice, Firefox browsers are not supported in PLATO.)

  1. Click on this link to test your computer: Test Your Computer-Click Here
  2. Check out this guide (click here for the guide)

Topics Include:

  • Pop-up Blockers
  • Enable Cookies
  • Download and Install Plug-ins

Summary of Required Plug-ins:

Links to the latest versions of required plug-ins for PLE can also be found in the PLE system requirements.

To Download and Install Plug-Ins for PLATO Web Learning Network on workstations running Windows:

  1. Log out of the PLATO Web Learning Network.

  2. Log on to the workstation with administrator privileges.

    CAUTION: If you do not download and install plug-ins while logged on to the workstation with administrator privileges, the process will appear to have been successful; however, errors will occur when you try to launch courseware.

  3. *Download and install the PLATO plug-ins (aka iPLATO plug-ins). Select Run when prompted. Select OK when the Setup completed successfully dialog displays.

  4. Download and install the Adobe Shockwave Player Installer. The browser will close during the installation. You will need to come back to this page when it has completed. Make sure you have bookmarked this page.

    --Note: If, during this or any later step, you see a yellow bar near the top of the screen with a message like "This website is wants to install the following add-on...", click the bar and select Yes or OK to allow the installer to load.--

  5. Download and install the PLATO Xtras plug-ins. Close the window when the installation has completed.

  6. Download and install the (Adobe) Macromedia Authorware Web Player plug-in for Internet Explorer.

  7. Download and run the Adobe Flash Web Player plug-in for Internet Explorer (installs automatically). This is mandatory for Biology and Chemistry courses.

  8. Reboot your computer and come back to this page to test your Flash, Shockwave and Authorware installations.

    Click here to test the Flash and Shockwave installations.

    Click here to test the Authorware installation. If you see the movies (animations) play, you have successfully installed the plug-ins.

  9. Make sure your pop-up blockers are off or set to allow pop-ups from the PLATO Web Learning Network. Please refer to this article on the PLATO Web site on disabling or modifying your pop-up blockers.

  10. Log into the PLATO Web Learning Network. All courseware should launch with success.

*Note: The plug-ins are also accessible from the PWLN sign-on screen. On the left side of the screen, select the link Where can I get the browser plug-ins I need to run PLATO Courseware?. Follow the instructions for Windows operating systems.

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